The Perfect Storm - Free Online Class

Is Your Child “Stuck in a Sensory Storm?”

Maybe your child has been given a label of ADHD, ASD, SPD or maybe you just know in your gut there's more going on with your child than others realize... it's time to join us on Tuesday, February 27th at 9pm ET (8pm CT, 7pm MT, 6pm PT) for a LIVE, FREE online workshop with Dr. Tony Ebel and the National Wellness Foundation.

For over 10 years, Dr. Tony Ebel (Nationally Recognized Pediatric Wellness Expert) has been helping children, just like yours, grow and exceed expectations. You don't have to accept limits other professionals have given you and your family. When you get to the WHY things are happening, you can get to the ACTION to move forward.

Join Dr. Tony & the National Wellness Foundation for this FREE CLASS to learn more!

Dr. Tony is a Pediatric and Wellness Certified Chiropractor, who specializes in neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, seizures, and other special needs cases.

He has extensive education, experience, and passion in these areas and runs a large pediatric-focused, family practice in Crystal Lake, IL. His practice has served as the go-to resource for thousands and thousands of parents, many who travel from other states for evaluation and care.

Dr. Tony’s work is featured in the documentary film “Doctored” and he has served as a keynote speaker at the internationally known Autism One Conference. He has lectured for tens of thousands of parents and other professionals on Sensory and Spectrum Challenges.

His workshop “The Perfect Storm” has transformed the lives of thousands of families and continues to do so today.

His own son suffered a traumatic birth injury in 2009. Traditional care options gave his son a grave prognosis certain he’d struggle with lifelong seizures and neurological damage. Today he is a thriving, fully healthy 7 year old little boy who has no challenges whatsoever and lives a healthy, happy life!

Hot Topics!

1. Dr. Tony breaks all the rules and talks about all the reasons our children need help. From both the outside and the inside, we will help you put together the information you need to know why your child is struggling.
2. We'll give you step by step help that you can use to start making a difference for your child. Together we help you learn how to MINIMIZE the tough days and MAXIMIZE the good days for your child at home and school.
3. The proof is in the parents...who have been where you are. We'll share with you stories of kids who no longer struggle with with the symptoms of sleepless nights, struggles in school or lack of focus.
We can't wait to help you and your family!


  • Parents who are worried about their child's growth, development, mood, focus, sleep, eating, overall wellness and performance at home and school
  • Parents who have children who have received a diagnosis, such as ASD, ADHD, SPD
  • Family members who help care for children who are struggling
  • Professionals who serve children ages 0-18 years

Bonus - When You Attend, You Will Receive

  • Research Specific to ADHD, SPD, ASD and More
  • An Action Plan for Your Family
  • Access to the National Wellness Foundation Network

Dr. Tony works with an incredible team through the National Wellness Foundation to help as many families as possible. We can't wait to help your family find the answers you've been looking for!

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